Fodoto 2Pcs Photography AC Socket Light Stand Mount Umbrella Holder

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Fodoto Single Head Photo Lighting Socket

Package includes:

  • 1. It is very handy, controlling the light with built-in on/off switch at the back of the socket.
  • 2. Its standard base size, E26/E27, makes it universal compatibility with most types of bulb.
  • 3. Nine feet long power cable line enables the much flexibility around the photo/video studio environment.
  • 4. Maximum of 105 wattage bulb can be used with this lighting socket.

(WARNING) Do NOT use a light bulb with more than 105 wattage draw, or there could be a smoking or
sparking reaction at the contact of the bulb. Do NOT leave it plugged in without the bulb installed. A dust
or any flying object running into inside the socket can cause a spark or smoke.

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